About us

We take on new cases every day, on widely diverging issues. This means we have to keep in permanent contact with what is going on in practice to find workable, practical solutions for our customers. In a nutshell, we provide strategic assistance based on a thorough understanding of commercial issues and top-level expertise.

And that isn’t all we do. If you require it, we can help you to implement the solutions we have suggested from A to Z. For example, we can help you to implement software packages for bookkeeping and invoicing or to integrate VAT into ERP packages.

What is more, we publish articles and books on VAT. We also lecture on these subjects. This means that we have to keep constantly up-to-date with new regulations at both the Belgian and European levels. It is a question of having a solid theoretical basis to support our considerable expertise. This allows us to offer you tools that are both efficient and effective.

A level of experience you can't overlook