Our services

We can help large and small companies, multinationals and non-profit organisations, and even government departments. We have a wide and comprehensive range of services:

  • assistance with VAT in the widest sense, at the Belgian and international level
  • negotiations with national and European VAT authorities
  • doing VAT audits, and co-ordinating them at national and international level
  • supervising the implementation of ERP packages for VAT, e.g. helping to determine VAT codes
  • organising internal VAT training courses for companies and organisations.

Besides, we can assist you in VAT compliance matters (e.g. VAT registration in Belgium and/or other countries, filing VAT returns in Belgium and/or other countries, filing Intrastat returns, filing VAT refund applications).

We are experienced in almost every business sector.

We are in daily contact with the practical issues involved. This means that we can offer our customers workable and practical solutions.
Answers to specific questions